ALT. Wines contain 0.0% ABV, and are therefore alcohol-free.

The grapes we use are from grown and harvested in Spain, and the final product is made and bottled in Germany (in beautiful Rüdesheim).

Traditional wine making process gentle vacuum-distillation of the wines to remove the alcohol.

De-alcoholized organic sparkling wine, organic sugar, c2, sulphites.

Sparkling Chardonnay: Crisp, Zesty, Floral. Notes of Green Apple, Citrus & Jasmine Flower.

Sparkling Rosé: Dry, Fruity, Mellow. Notes of Summer berries, Citrus peel & Aromatic spice.

We're proud to say that ALT. Chardonnay & Rosé are both certified Organic, meaning that we've gone through rigirous quality control and supply chain checks to ensure that our grapes are sourced from 100% organic wine growers🌱

Our drinks are certified vegan💚

ALT. is safe to drink while pregnant. However, if you have any concerns around any of the ingredients listed please consult your GP.

Yes - you have the option at checkout to add a gift note so you can send this to a loved one to enjoy!

We send all our products out in plastic-free packaging designed by Cornwall-based packaging innovators Flexi-Hex

Please keep your bottle of ALT. in a cool dry place until open. Once open, please refrigerate and consume within a week.