Our process

1. Picking

Chardonnay & Tempranillo Grapes are harvested in Spain’s La Mancha Region, one of Europe’s oldest & largest wine regions.

2. Pressing

Grapes are transported to the winery where they undergo a process called ‘Whole Cluster Press’ famed for creating a less astringent wine.

3. Fermentation

The liquid is then decanted into large stainless steel tanks where they undergo natural fermentation. This goes on until the wine reaches a delicate balance.

4. Vacuum distillation

The liquid is then vacuum distilled at less than 30°C to maintain the delicate flavours & aromas, this is the process that allows ALT. to keep hold of it’s wine credentials without compromising on flavour, acidity & mouthfeel.

5. Filtering

The wine then undergoes a process of filtration, to further remove organic material & is blended with organic sugar.

6. Bottling

The wine is then bottled, enhanced with Co2 to maintain it’s natural effervescence, corked & labeled. Shelf life unopened 3+ years. Once opened keep refrigerated.