Our story

ALT. was created from a simple idea, that idea being, whatever your reason for not drinking is, you should be able to have an equally delicious non-alcoholic alternative. In 2020, we set out to create range of non-alcoholic, non-compromising sparkling wines, that would deliver both the flavour and the ritual of their alcoholic counterparts. For this reason, working with real ingredients from the start was important to us.

We’re organic

We use only 100% certified organic grapes and organic sugar within our wines. It’s important to us that carful consideration within farming practices are promoted to maintain healthy soils. 

We’re low sugar

Our wines are considered low sugar. We’re able to achieve this by using vacuum distillation and aroma recovery in our production process. Because of this delicate process, it means we can maintain a lot of the authentic flavours and aromas from the base wine so we do not have to add excessive amounts of sugar for balance and flavour enhancement.

We’re vegan

Both our wines are certified Vegan. This means that there has been no animal products used, from start to finish. “But aren’t all wines vegan?” Well, traditionally, wines, beers & ciders go through a filtration process before bottling and it’s this filtration process that can sometimes be done with animal products, more specifically eggs. We’re proud to say that our products go through a more innovative way of filtration, which means there’s no animal products used.

The makers

ALT. was founded by two brothers, Christian & Alex, both of who are very familiar with non-alcoholic drinks after launching a dedicated premium non-alcoholic distribution agency in Oslo, Norway. It was during these 5 years that they both started to learn that it was the brand building side of the business that they really enjoyed and pondered over the thought of potentially launching their own products one day.

Fast forward to 2020, an informal evening dinner with their wives, who were particularly missing non-alcoholic sparkling wine, evolved into a quick napkin business plan, and the plan to launch a range of alternatives was born.

Things look a lot easier on a napkin & the coronavirus pandemic didn’t help matters. Nevertheless, the optimism still remains and the simple message becomes even more relevant in our world today, whatever your reason for not drinking is, you should be able to have an equally delicious non-alcoholic alternative. Finally there’s an ALT.

Note, This page is about ALT, and ALT. wouldn’t be existent without the encouragement, support and enthusiasm of the people we surround ourselves with on a daily bases, the people who where subjected to countless taste tests, late nights, stressful days & everything in-between. Special thanks to our wives Henriette and Mari. 

- Chris & Alex