ALT. Drinks are a new range of organic, vegan friendly, alcohol-free sparkling wine alternatives that don't compromise on flavour. We combine the traditional methods of wine production with innovative flavour capturing technology to create what we believe to be the best tasting non-alcoholic sparkling wine on the market.



ALT. is simply fantastic! It takes alcohol-free imbibing to a whole new level. It is dry, fresh and complex - just what I need to make great drinks with or to just enjoy on it’s own.

Sylvester Balon
Restaurant Kontrast, Oslo.

I really enjoyed this beautiful sparkling wine from ALT. We’re really heading in the right direction in the no & low wine space, and you can see that with this product, the design, the grapes, the organic certification & the quality is really great.“

Camille Vidal
Founder of La Maison Wellness.

This is hands down the best non-alcoholic sparkling wines I have ever tasted. Or non-alcoholic drink in general. Bravo!

Jan Helge T. Gjerde
Shop manager, Gutta På Haugen, Oslo.



We're proud to say that ALT. Chardonnay & Rosé are both certified Organic, meaning that we've gone through rigirous quality control and supply chain checks to ensure that our grapes are sourced from 100% organic wine growers🌱


ALT drinks is filtered using XX filtration where as it's commonplace in the wine industry to use egg white. After filtration the liquid then goes through patenteded aroma recovey technology so that the finished wine is complex & deliscious🌱


Our wines have an extremely low sugar level. We do not need to add a lot of sugar to bring out a good taste, since we focus on raw materials with high quality and an uncompromising production process🌱